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I work with women and couples who are going through a stage in their life whereby they are having to take special measures in order to create their family.

The important thing for me is to provide you with a space and support that can be tailored exactly to your needs, based on talking through with you what feels right and is most appropriate.

You may already have a sense of what kind of support you are seeking, or you may just prefer to get in touch and let me work out what feels like the right fit. I don't charge different prices for different treatments. You just get me, and everything in my head, heart and toolkit and I will make sure you get exactly the elements that you need.

In a session you will just come and tell your story, and I will ask questions along the way. Together we will then work out what feels like the best direction for you. (You can find out more detail about how a session works).

Services include:

  • Full clinical review (Looking at your physical health / fertility health and any tests or treatments you have had or may need to have). This can also include looking at diagnostics, blood test results, IVF treatment plans or reviewing why an IVF cycle didn't go well for example.
  • Fertility lifestyle support and advice
  • Reflexology
  • Arvigo Fertility Massage (this is via my amazing colleague, Cath Franks - visit her website).
  • Hypnotherapy & Meditation
  • Menstrual cycle check up - The body reveals many clues about what it may be struggling with by the way your cycle behaves and the way you bleed. These elements are typically not taken into account at IVF clinics but there are many things to learn and work from, many of which are very helpful in unexplained infertility and recurrent IVF failure.
  • Counselling - Conventional or more from a more spiritual perspective
  • Reiki.

I work with:

If you feel like this might be the right fit for you please do get in touch.

You may feel like you have a slightly different situation or that you tick many of these boxes.

No judgement from this end at all, the door is always open.