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What to Expect & Pricing

What to Expect & Pricing

You can book a session with me face to face in Poole or Dorchester (Dorset) or via video call. Both work really well and bring their own special elements. Don't worry about working out what you need, just email and let me know a little about yourself and of course if there are any things you are particularly drawn to and I can help you work out the best fit.

Imagine a really calming space where you know you have as much time as you need to talk and be heard. Candles will be lit, kettle will be on and I will gently ask you about your story. Your body, your cycle, your heart, your head, your world.

Generally a first session in person is around 90 - 120 minutes and is a combination of talking everything through and allowing me a chance to ask questions to better understand your situation.

Then if you are seeing me in person you can have some hands on treatment which I tailor to suit your needs and preferences. I can offer Reflexology, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Counselling. I usually create a special combination on the day that feels like the perfect fit for you.

A remote session works slightly differently and we will talk on video call for around an hour (sometimes more if we need to) and then I create you a bespoke hypnotherapy / relaxation track to listen to at home that will wrap up a lot of what we have talked about in the session.

All sessions are followed up with a summary and personal plan which I create and email to you. Then we can decide whether you would like more sessions, email support or just to see how you go and keep me posted.

Initial Sessions - £85

Follow up Sessions - £60


Lucy always managed to capture more than we were ever able to put into words to her or to communicate ourselves, and her gift for this insight and also for providing the light, hope and comfort where no one else could has been appreciated more than we could ever say.”